Friday, December 28, 2007

'k0d0k penyek' and lazzeee fried chicken

I woke up early though I didn't have too (once a month a-week-leave). And some more, its weekend! After checking my emails and blogs, my tommy went krreeookkkkk krreeeekkk heheheeee. Went to the kitchen and looked around - what to prepare for breakfast? I remember 2 packets of instant cucur lemak manis given by Pok Li to Shahril yesterday. He brought them back home. May be after realizing he never cook at home and the food will expire in 3 months, he gave it to us. (Pok Li went back to Malaysia... he just went back 2 months ago actually. must have missed his family so much. kesian diaaaa). Anyway, since I really have nooooo idea of what to prepare for breakfast, I decided to fry the cucur. I emptied one at first. Too little. Emptied another one. The packet said 'put 3/4 of water'. But it was pretty thick. I put some more and more... Finally it became like this.. hehehehe that why nama dia kodok penyek... sangat la penyeknya. may be its due to tooooo much water.

K0d0k Penyek Ummi

After eating breakfast (very late one of course), I had to think of our meal for lunch pulak (macam a very rajin mom aje bunyinya. padahal tak langsung). Well well.... I have beef, I have chicken, I have sausages in the freezer. Takkan nak goreng sausage aje kot... tu macam breakfast aje. Yesterday, I already cooked beef stew with soy sauce (fancy je bunyi - daging masak kicap laaa :). Its not beef again. I took out the chicken. Hmmm... hari hari makan sambal and sambal lagi. I think my throat will get worse if I cook another spicy food today. Alright, I'll just fry the chicken. I put onions and green chillies for better taste. I call it a lazzeeeee fried chicken since its the simplest menu that a mommy like me can prepare. Here it is...

Ummi's lazzeeee fried chicken

As long as my kids love it, I don't care. Why need to spend 3 hours in the kitchen and ends up my kids only eat a quarter plate of rice? My kids 'ratah' the chicken but I'm glad. Its not easy for my kids to eat a 'real' meal (that's why they are so skinny). They prefer chocolate, sweets and cereals than heavy meals like rice. They also love Mekdoneldz (especially cheeezz burger) and pitza though. But I guess too much of fast food may not be healthy for them.

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