Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Ooopss! I did it again...

I heated my ayam masak merah and I burn it (thank God, its only part of it). I thought I would not forget about the chicken. I was too caught up with my 'friend$ter $lides' until I forgot about it at all. I realized about it only after smelling something was about to burn, coming from the kitchen. When I remembered, I quickly run and turned off the gas.

While I was adding some pictures in my 'friend$ter $lide$', Shahril called to ask about something that he needed to buy. I knew that he would be back at anytime. So, I decided to heat the chicken and prepared our dinner. While waiting for the chicken to simmer, I went back to the room and worked with my computer. I didn't realize that I was taking a bit long of time (too long actually). This was not the first time. It happened a few weeks back when I cooked Shahmey's porridge. I was busy with my blog until I burn the whole porridge. So, I had to cook it again. Pity Shahmey for having a late lunch that day.

What or who to blame? The internet? Myself? (the later seems to be proper hehehee) Before I resigned, I was worried of boredom since I'll be a full time housewife. Anisz (you're not the culprit my dear, don't worry) had suggested me to work on my friend$ter account like adding pictures and blogging, to kill the time. As soon as I had my internet up, I started to browse for cool features and 'make up' my friend$ter page. I found it really helps in killing my time. Hmmmm... killing my time huh!.... perhaps it has killed too much until I didn't have much time left for my actual 'career' as a housewife. The time is killing me now and I have to stop this or at least make a schedule so that I know when to stop (just like my schools days - I have to educate myself using a schedule).

Until now, I haven't done much about it. Yet, I do limit my time for the internet so far. I hope not to repeat the mistake again. Hope so.....

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