Monday, December 17, 2007

Ummi has to do it all...

My dear 7 month old son, Shahmey woke up quite late this morning. While browsing the internet, I could hear a sound of 'eekkk ekkk'. I knew its time for me to pick him up or he'll keep crying, begging for his ummi to come and cuddle him. I went to the room realizing my first daughter, Sophea has already picked Shahmey up and let him laid next to her. I peeped through the slightly opened door and noticed my baby was staring at me. I wonder how he could sense my presence there. A baby instict perhaps... hehehe.

I picked and grasped his underarm tightly. Afraid of his fully loaded diaper would wet me, I quickly brought him to the kitchen and sitted him in the sink (that's where I always bathe him coz I found it's handy). While waiting for the water to spill hot water, I was thinking, 'I actually never feel the enjoyable moment of bathing my baby until now'. If people would ask me, 'how did you bathe Sophea or Sobhan when they were small?' I kinda forgot. I was too busy with my job, friends, and myself until I didn't really enjoy the special moment with my kids. The moment that will never come back even for a second.
Looking at Shahmey playing with the water curiously is actually kind of cute. Then, I gave him a yellowish Ikea cup to hold, to stop him from keep holding his b*ll (not suitable for underage.. hahaha). Sophea asked me, 'ummi, why Shahmey play with his b*ll?' I answered, 'he actually never know what it is. That's why he keep holding it, thinking it's a toy'. I hope the answer is appropriate for her, at least at her 7 years of age.

Settled scrubbing and washing him, I wrapped him around with a blue towel, held him tight, not forgetting a bunch of kisses on his pinkish cheek. I rested him on my bed, hoping he would stayed still. Before I could put his diaper on, he's already turn over to reach for the toiletries box. I had to hold both of his leg tight, gave him the Anakku baby prowder to let him preoccupied.

Taraaaa.... finished! He's ready to play with Sophea and Sobhan now. Duhh!! They can't wait to play with the just bathe and sweet smell Shahmey. And now, at 1.35pm, he is sleeping again, after his lunch of course. Here's a picture of Shahmey sleeping soundly. He looks stress though, may be having a bad dream.

Ummi loves you my dear
It's actually quite tiring for a housewife like me taking care of a baby coz' I have to do everything by myself. Yet, I'm happy especially when looking at all my 3 kids grow up right in front of my eyes. Those experience is invaluable indeed... Alhamdulillah!

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