Thursday, December 20, 2007

what a droopy morning *sigh*

Having a late sleep last night surely made me a very tired and sleepy mommy this morning, though I have to admit that I really enjoyed last night's get together stuff. There were 3 of us, Lieza, As and myself decided to throw a pot luck dinner at my house. It was actually due to the Eid Al Adha, celebrated by all Muslims in the world. We had to choose dinner instead of lunch because the men (exclude Shahril) had to work during the day.

I prepared kuah kacang which then became Shahril's cuisine since he had settled the dish by himself. To eat with the kuah kacang, I made nasi impit. It was lembek like shahmey's bubur nasi. You can't blame me for being a first timer. Never made nasi impit coz I could easily get ketupat segera in Malaysia. You can find plenty of them in Kuantan Eng Hong (free ads :)). The more the merrier. I also prepared beef rendang to eat with the mushy squashy nasi impit.

Lieza?? Being quite an expert cook (at least much better than me, I suppose), she brought nasi minyak together with ayam masak merah and acar rampai. The best part was, she gave me all the left over chicken. Yumm!! Thanks Lieza... As brought fried meehoon, a very rich one. It's full of chicken, beef and veges. Dia pun tinggal jugak meehoon lebih tu. Rezeki tuan rumah le tuuu.. Thanks to you too As.

Our guest?? Besides Lieza, As and their families, Shahril invited his 'bachelor' friends. They are not really singles. It's just that their families are still in Malaysia. Everything settled at about 11pm. Lucky me that Lieza and As had helped to clear most of the dishes. When they went back, I packed all the food and stored them in the fridge. This morning, afternoon and also evening, we ate all the left over food... Still, we haven't finish all. I hope that they're still good till tomorrow... hehehehe..

Tomorrow, we plan to go to Riyadh. I still haven't finished packing. Hopefully it won't take long because we plan to be there for only 2 days (shahril has to work on Sunday). I compressed everything in 1 bag! Also, I hope the journey will be an enjoyable and exciting one. InsyaAllah...

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