Tuesday, January 1, 2008

1st day of 2008

If others would have prepared their list of 'azam tahun baru', i don't prepare even 1. Hubby told me, as a muslim, we're not supposed to celebrate the new year coz' its not part of muslim culture. I notice his perceptions of many things have changed since he come here. Changed for better. Alhamdulillah... Though there were 1 or 2 things that I found quite 'extreme', I could accept the rest. However, for those who celebrate, its up to them.

Instead of having 'azam tahun baru' on the first day of the year, why not having azam for every new day of our life? Today should be better than yesterday. I think it's wise if we could think of ideas to improve our lives - every day! and not only the 1st day of the year.

Honestly speaking, I haven't think of anything yet so far. But everyday, I always hope that I will be a good wife to my husband, a good mother to my kids, a good daughter to my parents and of course a good 'hamba' to Allah s.w.t. If I am a good wife and mother, indirectly, I will be a good daughter and 'hamba' right.... InsyaAllah...

'Good' is very subjective. How much good is good? What are good? Is this good? May be I should put it this way. If my husband and kids are happy with what I'm doing, I can consider its good. Shall I? If I ever make them feel unhappy, I have to improvise. I need to think and retrack (muhasabah) things that I've done wrong. I've some thinking... how do I start.

How could I put myself in my husband's and kids' shoes? Or, shall we call it as empathy? How to be emphatize so that whenever I wanna do something, I could feel my husband's or kids' feeling. 1 thing that I can think of is blogging. I could write anything in the blog (its not that I can't write it in the diary. Diary... you know... aaaaa... hard copy... well... I hope you know what I mean). Perhaps I could create a blog for each of my kids. (may be one day i could write a blog for my husband hehehehe...)

In short, today, I've created blogs for my kids - Sophea, Sobhan and Shahmey. Of couse I'm the one who write in the blog. It'll be updates about my kids. To make it easy for me, I will link their blogs to mine as soon as I finish the 1st enty of their blogs.

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