Sunday, January 27, 2008

A new day, a new LOVE...

When you are unhappy, depressed, and gloomy, there's nothing you need but a shoulder to cry on. I was really down yesterday. After about 4 months staying home as a fulltime housewife, yesterday was the ultimatum (hopefully no more after this). My 2 girls had (boys are naughtier than girls is not relevant nowadays. They are all the same) urged my patient. They kept making me annoyed with series of undesirable behavior.

They were good at times. They helped me taking care of little Shahmey, tidying up the room and even washing the dishes. But, when their sugar level is high (told you... chocolate and sweets are not good for kids!!), they don't listen to me. Their concentration span is very minimum. When I asked them to finish their homework, they would sit for 5 minutes and,

"Ummi, nak berehat kejap boleh?" that's usually Coan.

"Ummi, nak tengok tv kejap ye. Kakak jaga Shahmey" that's kakak - Shahmey is an escapism

The 5 minutes would always become 50 minutes even I had already shouted at called them up to study or do their homework. The came back for a while and then,

"Ummi, lapar laaa.. nak makan cereal kejap boleh?"

This always be a very good escapism. Though they've had their lunch, they would say, "lapar lagi laaaa" because they know, I would allow them to eat. No mummy would let their kids go hungry right... because I can't see their tummy whether its really full. The food could already changed to energy. So, if they want to eat, I let them.

The homework, wasn't done. They played in the room, in the kitchen and even in the living hall. They did many things but the homework. They played water tap and soaked the kitchen. When abang came back, all I could hear was shouting and scolding. The kids were quiet. They went to the room and finished their homework. They listened to abah but not ummi. Why and why?? Perhaps ummi's blabs is like a song to them. The more blabs, the more they play around.

But I can't help it. I need someone to comfort me, at least at that moment. Abang, unfortunately, his is not that kind. When I scolded the kids in front of him, he would add to 'it' with a few more 'spices' besides scolding and the kids would go "uuuwwwaaaa!!!". That was why sometimes and only somtimes I had to keep quiet when I saw him coming. Though he naturally is a loving and caring father, he felt threaten listening to my high volume (why I can't control my volume pun tak tahu laaa... I wish I could be more patient. Though I learned Psychology, the theory doesn't work sometimes :))

To solve (or may be alleviate) the matter, I've received a gift from the God, through this super generous and thoughtful Mr Idham. He's spreading love to all the blog readers. Though he's not physically a shoulder to cry on, its okay. At least he made me smile and forgot about the stress.

This morning, I woke up quite early. I made nasi goreng (fried rice) for my kids. When I told Coan whether she wanted to bring the nasi goreng to school, she asked "ada nasi goreng?? waaaa.... nak laaa..." another happy face created.

I hope today, will be a new start for more smiles in all faces thus more love in me and all of you towards everyone especially our own family. Also, I pray to Him that I will be more tolerance towards my kids. Insyaallah...

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Ummu Layth said...

kita sayang anak kita kan tapi sometimes they make you soooooo MAD. tp sometimes benda tu kecik je tapi sebab kita nya sabar tolerance tu dah low or zero. hehe

baru tadi i lose my temper because my toddler ni curah air atas kitchen floor...then dia gi sip the water from the floor...ya Allah..geramnya sampai lupa he's only 1 memang dia tak tau pape

hopefully you can get enough rest and restored to your old self again

neeza shahril said...

Aliya, betul tu. tolerance level orang tua ni jarangnya yang tinggi... padahal budak2 tu tak bersalah langsung. selalunya kan siang2 kita marah, bila malam tengok dia tido, sayu sangat hati... rasa sayang sangat kat dia.

zino said...

dengan budak2 ni kena banyak sabar dan kadangkala kena guna banyak saikologi.. sesekali serious tu ok lah..

seronok tengok kerenah budak2 ni..

neeza shahril said...

zino, betul tu... tapi kan, kalau dah 24 jam mengadap diorang and most of the time diorang buat perangai, sakit gak kepala. a moral support is really needed by a husband :)

idham said...

:-) eheh, patutlah tadi makan lunch tersedak sambal udang ....hehehe ada orang sebut nama dalam blog dia rupanya...hehehe

Anak2 macam2 ragam... my daughter pun siram air kat laptop...and she is 20 yrs old...hehehe...dia nak laptop baru!!

u take care there....hidup di saudi, kalau semua ok d rumah pun akdang2 tuy tensen gak..sbb rasa mcm terkongkong sgt....nak jalan2 pun manyak susah...hehehe

tapi ada masa tu, rindu lah pulak!
sebab tu last weekend i was there !


neeza shahril said...

idham, heheheee!! tersedak sambal udang?? perit tuh... haaa?? siram air kt lap top? kalau neeza agaknya mau berbirat tangan dia... tapi sue lepas tu nyesal g*la.

dok kt saudi mmg tension sbb nk keluar rumah kena tunggu husband. tk jd apa2 tkpe. tapi kalau kena tangkap, saje je.

oooo.. pergi tgk anak ye.. mesti dia mintak duit ni... :)

idham said...

neeza....:-) anak pompuan tu di dublin , study.

i pergi saudi sbb rindukan sesuatu di sana! hehehe...
maklum lah masa tinggal di sana dulu, setiap minggu pun boleh pergi....hanya 1 jam jer driving.

setelah berpindah ke dubai, ini lah pertama kali saya ke sana kembali....hampir enam bulan!


neeza shahril said...

idham, tau rasanya apa yang you rindu tu... you rindu kan Dia kan... :)