Friday, January 18, 2008

a sleeping tiger

I was so angry. Yesterday, I went to this Mwst Hsptal to get treated for my cough and cold. But the dumb (I hope its not too much to call him dumb coz that was not the first time. It has been the fourth time!) front desk guy who doesn't understand English that much, pissed me off. There were 2 guys at the front desk, one was Ind1@n and the other was s@ud1. The s@ud1 was not competent so, he asked abang to go to the Ind1@n who sitted next to him. Than I saw the Ind1@n asked abang to go to the s@ud1 back.

I had been watching abang (who was there at the front desk) was asked to go here and there. I was thinking why in the world abang was so nice, just followed whatever the men asked him to do. I saw abang went to he Ind1@n guy again. I went to the front desk and asked abang

"Apa masalahnya?" me still in control

"Mat s@ud1 ni tak reti buat kerja. Dia suruh pergi kat Ind1@ ni. Then Ind1@ ni kata, apa yang susah sangat. buat aje lah. then dia suruh mat s@ud1 tu entertain balik. Lepas tu dia kata ada problem pulak" the nice abang

"What's the problem?" the sleeping tiger started to awake (its me!)

"Your name is not in the system" the Ind1@n guy explained

"What?" huhuuuu!!! the angry me

"What's the name again?" the Ind1@n

"My son is Shahmey and my name is Nor Raneeza!" the tiger roared.

"Jangan la marah.." abang said to me quietly

"No. I can't stand this. I've been seeing people get their treatment but we are still waiting here. It really pissed me off" the tiger roared again

"No. its not here. Have you been here before?" the Ind1@n asked. Though I didn't really look at the s@ud1 who sitted next to him, I could notice he was staring at my face in silence.

"This is not the first time we come here. We came here for medical check up. We came here for his vaccination and paedetrician. How would we were able to get treatment then?" the fierce tiger.

He picked up the phone and spoke to somebody. After checking again and talked to the phone again, he said,

"Could you please go to the marketing. over there, turn right" the Ind1@n instructed

We went to the marketing and there were 2 s@udis men and 2 F1lpn0 women.

Another round of arguing... (I dare not write them here)

Finally, I decided to go back without pursuing with the treatment.... (Sakitnya hati aku dengan sikap sorang sorang ni..)

On the way back, I was thinking... I wish to tell the guy,

"M@lays1an are nice people. But, if something like this happen, we would be very pissed off"

But, I didn't. So, h*ll with it.... Come to think of it, I was actually pissed off with that mamat s@ud1 for his 'lembapness'. Everytime I went there, its always the Ind1@n guy got to entertain many customers... and the s@udi? He could afford to go here and there... (Baik tak yah duduk front desk kalau gitu)

Today, I am blogging coz I'm not angry anymore...

People who knew me would describe me as a kind and soft lady. Yupp.. I can be kind and soft but when something like that happen, I'll be like a tiger awake from it sleep *grin*

4 sugar & spice:

drNO said...

kucing dah tukar jadi rimau... don't mess with her...hihihihi

neeza shahril said...

hehehhe... kejap aje. lepas tu kucing baik semula.. sekali dua boleh sabar. tapi, kalau dah 4 kali buat kita macam orang mintak sedekah, bengang la jugak. kenapa nak beza2kan... hmmm.. emotional la pulak.. hehehee

Anonymous said...

salam to the neeza,
frust bila baca citer citer macam ni kan..just imagine kita sakit nak dapat rawatan just becoz of simple admin problem pesakit menjadi bertambah sakit...ehehehe sakit hati.
kesian Shahmey..hope dia dah ok .

neeza shahril said...

drzeze, betul tu. dia bukan kira nak bagi treatment dulu ke. normally the doctors are okay. the admin of the hospital yang banyak cekadak. shahmey is getting better. alhamdulillah. anyway, tq for dropping by :)