Friday, January 25, 2008

Ummi make creme caramel!

Kak Sarimah invited us for lunch - 'us' are Kak Mala (also her cooking partner for the lunch), As, Liza, Atikah (a Northern Indian lady), a new guy that we just met and me (no need to mention that all the husbands and kids were also invited except for Liza's since Jo had to work. I thought of bringing a dish (cewah! macam expert aje bunyinya). I looked in the fridge and only found out I only had a few sausages left (time to buy groceries neeza!!).

Ahaahh!! My specialty! (so far leee... mind you that I'm not a good cook) - A creme caramel. Easy to make. Besides, I had everything that I need in the kitchen. At first I was kinda reluctant to make the creme caramel since I haven't bought a steamer yet (to make this you either need a steamer or an oven - I don't have neither oven nor steamer.. heheheh)

After considering this and that, I decided to steam it using a rice cooker and a wok (I know it won't fit in 1 bowl. Furthermore, I need 1 to leave at home - for my 2 creme-caramel-lover).

I brought 1 to Kak Sarimah's house. They like it (most eaten by the kids). My friend, As asked me the recipe. I told her (verbally la kan) put this and that bla bla bla... Takpe As... now Kak Neeza jot it here. Next time if you want to make it, tengok aje... :)

Why don't we look at the picture of the one that I left home but already half eaten by my 2 supergirls and the abah of the supergirls)

my first creme caramel in KSA :P

The Caramel


2 - 3 Cups sugar
1/2 - 3/4 cup water


Pour sugar in a pot (preferrably non-stick). Heat up on the stove, turn to minimum. Wait till at least half of the sugar melt and turn dark brown. Stir slowly so that it doesn't burn (burn means your creme caramel will taste yuckss!). Then pour the water. Yes, it'll be harden. Its okay. Let it boil coz' it will finally melt. I like mine gooey like (not too thick and not too runny)
Don't waste time. While the caramel cook on the stove (of course once in a while you have to check and stir), you can prepare the creme (pudding).

The creme (pudding)

1 can evaporated milk (roughly about 350 - 400 ml)
1 can eggs (you need to break the eggs and measure them using the can)
1/2 can sugar
2 teaspn vanilla essence
1/4 cup water


Open up the milk and pour into a bowl. Use the can as a measurement cup. Break eggs and put them in the can (the number of eggs will depend on the can size). When the can is filled, pour them into a blender (yupp... instead of mixing them using a mixer, I used a blender - faster and no splashing). Pour the sugar. Blend them. Then, pour them into the bowl (the one that you pour the milk into). Stir slowly. Put the vanilla essence and water. Some people don't put water at all. I noticed, by putting water, the creme would be soft (it'll be too soft if the water is too much) and not harden like eating an egg tart.

Steaming / Baking time

Usually, by this time, your caramel is ready. Wait till it is cold a bit. Take 2 bowls (make sure your bowl is safe for the oven or steamer). Split them into 2 bowls. Then, pour the creme batter. Same thing, split them into 2 bowls too. Then, steam or bake them. It usually takes about an hour to cook (for the steamer). I never bake them. I don't know how long does it take to cook. Check if it is well cooked using a dinner knife.

To serve, you have to carefully put them upside down in another bowl or deep plate, so that the caramel won't spill.


3 sugar & spice:

drNO said...

nampak best nya neeza...
sedap tu..
my recipe guna susu segar, tp lps steam tu, kdg2 x jadi smooth, kdg2 ok...
nanti nk try recipe neeza lak ok..

Ummu Layth said...

ini bagus. dah lama cari resipi untuk creme caramel tau. this one is try and tested! nanti nak try lah.

psssst...besarnya can of milk..400 litre tu kehkeh. ml kan kan?

neeza shahril said...

drno, susu segar bagus untuk yang jaga kesihatan kot sebab evaporated kan banyak cream... neeza buat pun sama gak.. kalau steam api kuat, memang dia tak smooth (banyak bubbles kan). Kalau api slow, dia okay sikit. tapi rasanya kan, kalau bakar sure lagi smooth.. heheheee... agaknya laaa

aliya, boleh try.. senang sangat ni.. hahahaaaa.. silap la.. 400 liter tu nak bagi makan satu kampung... sabor je la.. nanti akak edit..