Wednesday, April 30, 2008

balik kampung!!

Salam to all my friends. Since I was pretty busy lately, I've started scheduling my entries since last 2 weeks. Busy?? What kinda business is it for a fulltime housewife like me huh? hehehe...

Recently, after meeting a few old friends (almost 20 years never met) through f@cebook, I had to manage (saje cari kerja nih hehee) a few things at once - my blog, my friends blogs, frenster, f@cebook, emails and not forgetting my main job as a housewife!! (the one and only that I can't afford to forget).

Still, I hate seeing my blog not being updated (at least 1 new entry in a week). To solve the matter, I sometimes wrote a few entries at once.

While you're reading this post, my family and I are probably on our way back to hometown - M@laysia. We'll be in M@laysia for about 3 weeks.

I'm not sure if I'll have time to update my blog. Perhaps, I will schedule a few entries which definitely not my daily updates. If I have time, I'll update my day to day activities in M@laysia. Insyaallah...

I'm gonna miss all of you. *Mmmmuuuuuaaahhhhhhhh* myspace graphic comments
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5 sugar & spice:

ummu asiah said...

La...neeza..dah balik ke??...selamat bercuti..nak dengar update dari malaysia pulak..if nak ke KL update cepat2 dlm blog..kot2 boleh jumpa..

silversarina said...

Welcome home... 3 minggu lama mjugak tu... singgah rumah nanti ye... hubby akak balik minggu bolehlah jumpa nanti..

have fun !!

neomesuff said...

Welcome ! Welcome!..may u enjoy your short stay here! ...pergilah carik buah buahan kegemaran mu itu heheehe

Jie said...

oooo...lupa lah kakjie..ari tu neeza dah bagi tau.

slmt blk kg ye...

Neeza Shahril said...

Kak Ummu asiah,

neeza 1 week di area Banting. Ni kat rumah adik neeza di KKB. Esok nak balik Kemaman.. Insyaallah..

kalau ada masa, balik dari Kemaman nanti ye.. Insyaallah..


Kak Rina,

nanti neeza call ye. Neeza ada ambik number yang akak advertise kat orang lain hari tu.. neeza tulis, takpe ke??



I dah makan durian..
tapi rasa cam nak lagi!!! hehehe..


Kak Jie,

thanks ye... :)