Monday, June 30, 2008

Daging Masak Hitam ala Zai..

Lately, I noticed myself like to cook a different kind of food from usual (of course only those that are easy to be prepared hehehh). Kinda boring eating the same thing everyday, I guess. Yesterday, I remember a recipe that was given by a friend of mine, Zai. She named the dish as 'Daging Masak Hitam'. I name it 'Daging Masak Hitam ala Zai' since I think it's a unique recipe created by her (her mom actually heheh..). It tastes like 'Rendang Dendeng' a bit (if I'm not wrong about the name). This one is easy to prepare yet tastes yummy! (suites me well hahaa!!)
I surfed the net for the actual recipe but found nothing that is similar to the one that Zai gave me a few years back.I was so engrossed to get the recipe. I rang Zai up in M@laysia huhuuuuu!!! Am I obsessed? Let it be, as long as I got what I want hehehe.. I know I would forget the recipe again. So, I decide to put it my blog. It'll be easier for me to refer to it whenever i need it.
Here it goes
300g beef (slices them small)
1 onion (medium size) - blend
3 cloves garlic - blend
1 inch ginger - blend
1/2 tsp blackpepper powder
2 tsp curry powder
1 tsp vinegar (I used lemon since I've got no vinegar at home)
3 tblsp soy sauce (preferrably a salty one)
3 tblsp kerisik (dried coconut paste??)
2 tblsp oil
Marinate everything except oil with the beef for at least 1 hour. The longer the better. Heat the oil in the frying pan. Put in the marinated beef in the pan. Stir a bit. Then, cover the pan for while. Stir the beef once in a while. While not stirring, remember to put on the pan cover so that the beef is well cooked. It is ready to be served when the beef looks dry (garing) a bit. Not to dry though. Imagine how you cook Rendang. That's how it should look. Happy trying :)
Abang didn't like to eat it with rice since it's tastes like Rendang. So, I ended up eating most of it myself. Anyway, I was the one who crave for it ;).

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yusztiey said...

terliur la plok ,kena suh bos pi beli daging la esok kena try ni tapi ore tak ader la plok kicap...huhuhuuu tapi boley ejas ni buh asal iswid..hehehee..resepi yg senang...
mesti byk gangkut kicap yer k.ja balik rtu..

as said...

sedap..nyum2....sempat gak rasa...TQ yer akak....memang rasa cam rendang...dah ler lembut yg amat....nyum2....nak tungu pulut kuning pulak nnti :-) ...hehe....

Kak Elle said...

nak cuba one day:)it looks similar like my daging ketumbar jintan.

Cat Cat said...

Sedapnya Daging masak hitam tu.... Kalau pekena dengan nasi panas, puh... tak terbangun, babe... Hehehe.

-akuni- said...

ha?! ada gambar makanan di sini.... hu hu hu....

Neeza Shahril said...


mesti Tiey buat lagi sedap.. pro kannnn...



pulut kuning?? hehee.. kena tunggu beli kukus kot heheh..


Kak Elle,

yang ni senang sangat.. daging ketumbar jinta kak Elle nampak lagi mengancammm..



memang Cath.. sedap dengan nasi panas..



neeza tengah kemaruk makan ni hehe..

ira said...

tak sabar nakcuba resepi nih