Friday, July 11, 2008

That's what friends are for...

I've got 2 entries in the same post today. Its about friends. Having friends in life is a wonderful thing. Good friends would make you happy and appreciated but not so good (bad? mean? take advantage?) friends would give you a lesson to learn. Life is a process of learning, I suppose...

A few days ago, I've got a friend who's life was in a bit misery (only a little and I think he's much much better now) due to something. Though I never met him personally, I could sense his uneasiness about 'the issue'. Hehehee.. some of you must be very eager to know who's the guy and what's the issue. I'm not gonna elaborate more though (care to read more, you may visit his blog)

All I wanna say here is, I am so honored with the award that he presented to all his concerned friends. What would you say if you receive the above award?

Never thought of it?

Perhaps, all of the above and plus some more. Thank you 13may for the award. I never thought simple words from your readers are meant so much to you. May Allah bless you. Do continue with your writing coz' they're the reasons why many of us always made it a point to go to your blog and can't wait for the updates. Forget those insults coz' they don't make you any stronger. Remember those who appreciate coz' they're the one who will make your life cheerful..

Again, thanks so much 13may!


I've talked about good friends will me happy. I should say, Alhamdulillah... Though we have a small community in Al Jubail, each of us is concerned about each other. In fact, they are really thoughtful. Whenever someone throw a party, each of us will be invited (of course I refer to a party and get together - it doesnt mean, whenever they cook, they have to invite all of us hehehe.. pengsanlah tuan rumah cam tu)

2 days ago, we have a get together at Leeza's house. There's not special occasion. She decided to invite everyone for dinner buffet since we've got new members in town (a family of MN).

The host (Leeza) had prepared Plain white rice with so bunch of food. As also brought some desserts. Kak M brought something too. Oh dear.. the table was occupied with food! I think picture below would describe the evening better ;)

Wahhh!!!! That makes me hungry again... hehee..

I've got to taste the Sup Merah (originally from S'pore but was cooked by a Johorian). Too bad, I can't show you the scrumptious Kuih Seri Muka by Chef As. I only remembered to take picture when the dinner almost over. I guess I was so excited to eat the food until I forgot to take pictures.. hehehh..

18 sugar & spice:

Ummi said...

Bestnye kumpul ramai2 n mkn2 n gosip2 (hehehe) kan. I noticed that Malaysians abroad are more into this kind of get-together like one big family. That is the best way to maintain friendship, of course!

But then again, friendship knows no boundaries. never mind that i've never meet you or vice versa. the bond of friendship is based on trust and sincerity. that's all. at least it is, for me

Kak Elle said...

wah neeza makan and makan lagi ye? bagus lah berjauhan ada kekawan untuk bersembang kan?

-akuni- said...

Ala... dia org ni asyik makan-makan je...

as said...

bestnyer makanan tu....yg bawah skali tu masakan chef terkenal...saja ja chef tu low profile :-) (dia takut kot nnti ada orang tempah,cam cream caramel dia tu.kan kan kan chef?? :-))) hehe......this friday kita tengok apa yang ada lagi noo.....hehe....nyum2 lagi...x sabar!!

P/S - kawan yang baik adalah kawan yang sentiasa berada di sisi tak kira susah atau senang :-)

Neeza Shahril said...


hehehe.. gossip tu mesti ada.. maklumlah jumpa sesekali..
betul tu ummi, we're closed to each other because they're sort of our relatives here...

true! if it's based on trust and sincerity, it'll bloom forever...


Kak elle,

time ni lah kami jumpa2 kak elle..
kalau tidak susah sebab takleh keluar sorang2 kan..



jom la join sekaki hehe..



hahaha!! masakan hentam keromo tu as..
memang tak sabar nak makan lagi hehee... pulut kuning, sate.. hehehh.. Chef mana tu ye.. ehemmm.. oooo.. chef yang buat seri muka tuu..

yapp.. betul tu as.. setuju.. sentiasa bersama masa susah dan senang.. a shoulder to cry gitu..

Ummi said...

yummy yummy cedap cedap. macam tulah bila dah jauh dari keluarga, rakan sekeliling jadi pengganti keluargakan.

ADleez said... doh di"touchup" cam lawo ler plk resepi2 tu...hihihi...chef mn la yg rajin dok msk tuuuuuu......ok next time turn umh "org tu" plk....eeeee.....jamu sate kaaa?????

Neeza Shahril said...

Kak Ummi,

betul tu kak ummi..
in fact, kat malaysia pun susah nak makan cam ni selalu hehee..



chef yang paling rajin ialah tuan rumah tu lerrrrr..
hehehe.. sate?? kita tanya chef sorang lagi tu.. hehehee..

zino said...

tang jumpa kawan tu ok lagi.. tapi tang makan makan tu yg buat lapar je hehe

maklang said...

makanan by cef semua tu..mesti enak2 dong....

Zabs said...

Salam Neeza,
Kawan yang baik ialah kawan yang sentiasa setia walau dalam apa jua keadaan.
Makan-makan juga, tapi jangan lupa timbangan juga.

as said...

sate??hehe....disebabkan ada chef tu nak buat kuah kacang,so adleez,alang-alang chef x layak disini ingat nak buat sate..hehe...dah lama tak makan lapar sate lak...

jangan lupa cendol chef adleez :-)) kat panda ada jual senduk lubang2 untuk cendol tu :-)

MAMAMIA said...

This is what I miss about staying overseas. The pot luck makan2...

Sambal by Chef errr tu jugak yg meliurkan....

Fadzila said...

banyaknya makanan....sedap2 lak tu..

MULAN said...

neeza..!! i tried the sup merah recently in spore. best kan..!!! gila best semua food tu..!!

YuszTieY said...

salam k.ja..pekabo?lama dah x singgah sikit skang ni...wah2!byknya resepi...mcm nak kene try buat je..heheheh!lonih kene lancarkan kempen jimat cermat peringkat kebangsaan...maklumlahkan sume harga brg2 naik..:(naik2 gak...jgn kempis perut udah le...yer..

Kak Lady said...

Neeza...sedapnya makanan...telur bungkus tu mengiurkan...

Rajin betul tuan rumah tu ye...

Neeza...cantik kan award tu...?

Neeza Shahril said...


neeza yang tengok pun lapar hehee..



uiiishh.. Chef2 tu semua terer masak.. 1st class..


Pak Zabs,

setuju tu..
berat neeza memang akan bertambah2 ni.. hehehh..



uiikk?? Chef tak layak? sabor je la..
kuih seri muka tu tak sampai 5 minit licin lancau.. tak sempat nak makan banyak.. huhuuu..
Chef ADleez nak buat cendol?? yummyyy!!



memang best cam ni.. kalau kat malaysia, susah nak selalu jumpa..
maklumlah, ramai sangat hehee..



memang sedap dan sangat banyak..
sampai boleh tapau lagi.. hehehe..



memang sedap sup merah tu..
first time neeza makan



kadang2 bila masak sendiri lagi banyak costnya.. hehee..
kadang2 je laaa..


Kak Lady,

memang sedap telur bungkus tu.. sayangnya tak dapat tapau.. hehee..
dan tuan rumah tu memang le sangat rajin dan pandai masak..

haah.. award tu sungguh unik kan kak..