Tuesday, January 22, 2008

s@ud1 yang takut hujan :)

S@ud1s are reckless drivers (that's my opinion, not a fact!) At least most of them are (an opinion again...). Perhaps it's not only s@ud1s. The ar@bs may be. I've seen the same situation in Egypt about 15 years ago when I went for a 5 days trip of educational excursion. Honks were everywhere. You had to be courageous enough to go in the middle of the road and asked the car to stop in order for you to cross the road. I wasn't that brave though. Luckily we had a few 'ustaz' (male malay students are called ustaz there and ustazah for female) who always ever willing to help us jalan jalan and shopping in that C@iro city.

Good thing is, when its rain, they (I'm referring to the s@ud1s) are so careful. They can go down to 40km/hr or even lesser sometimes. Last night, when we were driving back from Fanateer Mall, there was a van that put on its hazard light. It was only drizzles! The road was hardly wet. At first abang asked,

"Eh, van ni nak kemana? Kiri kanan pasang signal... oooo.. hazard lights rupanya. Laaa... hujan sikit pun pasang hazard lights?"

He giggled. Then we had a discussion about it. It was hardly rain in the S@ud1 Ar@b1a. So, when it rains once in a blue moon, they are not used to it. They scared of skidding the car since they usually drive in a dry land. That is why they drive really careful (or really slow?) which sometimes could cause a traffic congestion.

Same goes to us (malaysian in malaysia) who are not used to drive in the sandy land. Abang's tyre get caught in the sand a few weeks back. He rammed the engine really hard. The more he rammed, the more the tyre sunk in sand. Many s@ud1s came to help since they are the 'experts'. They know how to handle that kind of situation.

And rain? Its not a major problem for us. We used to drive in a really heavy rain up to the point we couldn't see the road at all. But of course, when I can't see the road, I would either stop somewhere or drive at 20km/hr. Hahahahaaa!!!

2 sugar & spice:

elisataufik said...

i pun cadang nak gi egypt nanti. can give contact for students? boleh mintak tolong bwk jln2..

neeza shahril said...

elisa, 15 years back rasanya dah balik malaysia kot. tapi dulu we all contact ABIM group kat sana. Biasanya malaysian students register dengan ABIM. Dari situ lah we all jumpa ramai ustaz and ustazah. They are very helpful. Pandai cakap arab and diorang boleh tolong arrange tour untuk jalan jalan...