Friday, February 29, 2008

I want my Mommy!! - TQ Kak Jie :)

How many times our kids shouted this - I want my Mommy!! instead of I want my Daddy!!. You may replace mommy with Ummi (my kids call me that!), Mama, Mak, Ibu, Ma, Mok (this for kelatae people la deh) or even Omak (for Nogoghi pulak laaa :) ).

In a family, mommy is everything. Mommy is the one who get pregnant. Mommy also delivers baby. Mommy nurses and breastfeed baby and mommy also wakes up at night and make sure baby will stop crying. How wonderful mommy is...

I met (in cyber) this special mommy and her name is Kak Jie. She received an award and shared the award with all ibu-ibu hebat (great mommies) including myself! Thank you Kak Jie for the award. I'm so honored...

How I become a mommy?? They make me a mommy - the love of my life. I've created a blog for Sophea, Sobhan and Shahmey to log any important event in their process of growing up.

The love of my life

from left - Sobhan (6 yrs), Shahmey (9 months) and Sophea (8 years)

Note to the love of my life:

My dear, though Ummi always scolded you sometimes, Ummi love you very much. You mean everything to Ummi my love...

Edited to post:

I just realized (what a forgetful mother - too much too think heheee..), I didn't mention the successors of the award.

Here, I present the award to another great mother, DrNO and she is now expecting a new member in the family. I'm sure she will be as splendid as ever...

11 sugar & spice:

Jie said...

With all the individuals in one household going in many different often seems that the mom becomes the center of this!

be a great mom....muaaahhh!!

pB said...

tahniah ...

drNO said...

i'm sure u r a great mum....

OndeOnde said...

you are one grrrrreat mom too!

the best thing about being a mommy is that anak2 turn to you yes! tapi kak OO ni kalau nak mintak beli apa-apa they will turn to Ayah sebab Ummi depa ni strict sikit..hehehehe..tapi kalau pasal makan, siap boleh order-roder menu from ummi, hari ni nak makan apa, esok nak makan apa, nanti ummi masak ni lah, tu lah..hehehe..

Neeza Shahril said...

Kak Jie,

you get that just right.. Mom is the center of everything. Kids will never forget mommies.

*mmmuuuahhhh* Thanks Kak Jie :)


Kak pB,

thanks ye :)



I miss you!! mana pergi lama?? I really hope to be a great mom :)


Kak OO,

heheee.. anak2 neeza lak, dia mintak dengan ummi dulu sebab dia tahu ummi akan mintak abah belikan. kalau terus mintak abah, mesti abah reject sebab abah diorang yang strict heheee..

bab makan pulak, sebab ummi dia tak pandai masak sangat, dia akan mintak benda yang selalu dia mintak aje la sebab tu je la pun yang ummi dia pandai.. heheeeeee

silversarina said...

Mak ,nak makan.
Mak ,nak mandi.
Mak ,nak susu.
Mak ,nak kiss.
Mak, mak ,makkkkkkkkk.

Itulah powernya mak.. tengok gambar your kids , memang akak tau you are the greatest supermom !!

btw, dekat syria orang arab sana pun bagi thumbs up pada Tun Mahathir and Tun lah yang sebabkan Malaysian free je masuk Syria, visa ambik kat border je.

idham said...

menang award lagi!!!!! hehehe fofular nye puan neeza....kalahkan halley berry gitew..
errmm, saya nakkkkkkkkkkkkk jugak awardddd tu...
bila la you all nak kasik award kat pakcik ni??? hehehehe

"mak, nak adik!" hehehe <---dialogue yang seorang ayah suka dengar.


drNO said...

thanks neeza...eventhough i'm not-that-good mum...but...thanks...

13may said...



zino said...

banyak award dah dapat.. dah makin fofuler ni hehe

Neeza Shahril said...

Kak Rina,

Semuanya mak kan :) tak tahu lah great ke tak kak Rina.. doa kan lah ye..:). Iye? boleh masuk Syria free? wahhh.. bestnya heheee..



hehehee.. kalau klah halley berry, mesti neeza yang berlakon James Bond tu heheee.. nak award nih? ni untuk mak mak jee.. nanti la diorang buat award untuk bapak bapak pulak ye heheee..

errrr... kalau 'mak nak adik'.. mak jawab.. 'mak sibuk lah..' heheee



my pleasure.. you're a mom.. the best for Umar and Laiqa, that for sure :)



thanks :)



heheee.. award suka suka. kalau neeza dapat Grammy Award.. haaaa.. tu baru fofuler.. hehee