Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's Wednesday :)

I'm glad it's already Wednesday. If I'm in Malaysia, I surely won't be too happy but I'm in S@udi Ar@bia now. Everyone in the family is happy when Wednesday comes. We can't wait for Wednesday. We wish everyday is Wednesday... Duhh!!!! how could that be possible??? heheheeeee....

Why are we so excited about it? Because......... tomorrow and the day after tomorrow is our weekend!!! Yahooooo!!!

Weekend means no school for the kids. Weekend means no work for Abang (unless he is on call - cewahh.. kalah doctor :P). Weekend means no ironing clothes, no cooking (sometimes), no washing clothes early and somebody can take care of little Shahmey! (It seems that I enjoy weekend more than everyone else heheeeee...)

With throbbing head, flu, cough and sore throat that I'm having now, I really need to rest. And I mean a lot! During weekdays, I can only rest a bit after the kids come back from school and that was only after they had their lunch plus additional meals and finished their homework. Otherwise, no rest please... or else the kids would eat their lunch in front of the tv and religiously sit there until their abah came back.

Yesterday evening, abang instructed the kids (Kakak and Coan) to clean the mess in the tv room (also guest area). It was their mess - papers, toys, books and stationery. I was ironing clothes then. I was really quiet and refused to talk to anyone. I just did whatever I had to do without complaining about the messy house. I think abang realized that. When I kept quiet like that, something was not right (I usually blabbed all the way when the house was in mess). Perhaps that was why abang asked the kids to tidy the room. It reduced my headache! heheee..

Currently, I'm depending too much on my medicine (@dvil and cl@r1nase). Abang bought them in the pharmacy. I didn't take the medicine prescribed to me by the doctor. First, it is bitter. Second, it didn't seem to work for me. Those that I took were sweet (the coated are sweet actually). But 1 thing I don't like is, I would be okay about 1/2 hour to 2 hours after taking the medicine. Then the pain came back. I need to be dependant on the medicine. I don't like because I think, I'm not supposed to. The drugs should have the affect of healing and not stopping the pain. Perhaps the drugs only stopped the pain and as soon as the effect's gone, the pain comes back. *Aduuhhhh*

I think I should be happy a bit since tomorrow is weekend!! Hopefully I'll recover soon. Insyaallah..

Weekend mood :)

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Ummi said...

Neeza, same here. You are not the only one. On friday lagi ummi dah syiok teringat cuti.. ish ish terukkan dapat pekeja macam ni..

Zabs said...

Salam Neeza,
Sorry to know that you are still not well. In that case, yes, you should be looking forward to the weekend. Then, there will be someone, to help you around. Take care.

Neeza Shahril said...

Kak Ummi,

masa kerja pun neeza gitu. Walaupun my job dulu tak stress pun. Banyak duduk dan mendengar.. hehee. tak teruk la.. semua orang gitu rasanya.. kalau goyang kaki duit masuk kan best... hehee..



takpe.. neeza macam dah terbiasa sakit kat sini. kena banyak sabar je disamping ambik medication yang patut. Thanks ye.. :)

Mak Su said...

Hai, salam kenal... apa khabar hari ini?

Ummi said...

Today is Wednesday and the boss has gone to Bali (yahooooo!). Today is Wednesday, tomorrow is Thursday and then Friday and then weekend (lagila yahoo even tho have to work half day on Saturday). Monday, back to work and the boss will be back. Sigh. Happy weekend Kak Neeza. Am praying for your health here. Get well soon!

Neeza Shahril said...

Mak Su,

salam kenal kembali.. hari ni masih pening dan sebagainya hehehee.. kurang sikit bila telan ubat.. takpe.. *sabar.. sabar*



masa boss takde memang lah saat yang diidamkan. sama lah macam weekend tu.. hehee. monday blue memang a bit stressful. Need to have something to motivate tu ummi.. (Akak should be telling myself tu heheee..) thanks ya ummi :)

zino said...

minggu ke minggu terasa cepat sangat berlalu..

Neeza Shahril said...


betul tu. sedar sedar dah weekend. heheee...

ummu-al-hanafi said...

neeza, you x sihat ker??
kesiannya...if kita dok dekat2 for sure I gi visit you..
bagi you happy happy...cewah!
I pun sama every wednesday is a happy dayyyyyyyyy

OndeOnde said...

Today is already Thursday but I need to wait for the end of the month then I am feeling better because the my reports due on that time..dah lepas ni legaaaaa...

Am looking for the school break actually starting 8/3 nanti!

p/s: cantik gambar! peaceful.

Neeza Shahril said...


ye lah. tak berapa sihat. on and off batuk, flu, headache.
datanglah visit heheeee.. cam dekat kan. tapi dekatlah dari orang
yang dok kat malaysia ye tak heheeee
Penat dok rumah, tu yang happy bila
weekend tiba hehheee


Kak OO,

bila kerja kena buat report ni sakit kepala je rasa sebab nak kejar due date.
wahhh.. school break 8/3? Hari mengundi tu kan!
Pandai betul govt pilih tarikh.. hehee

Gambar tu.... dalam internet je kak OO... heheeee

pB said...


singgoh maghi dari ghumoh kak onde onde ...

harap sakit pa'lo tu kurae doh ...

dok makae clarinase , ado selsemo kor??

take care ....

(harap faham apa yang pB komen nie)

Neeza Shahril said...


salam. timo kasih sudi jengoh ghumoh neeza :). kughae sikik doh nih.. dok makae advil dengae clarinase lah ni pong.. tapi lepah pkeno clarinase. segho ppalo weng semacae jah heheheee..

don't worry kak pb, neeza pahae bebenaa heheee.. thank you deh..

Anonymous said...

rajin2 mkn ubat neeza... rehat secukupnye weekend ni tau... rajin2 minum air masak... (same2 la kite)... semoga cepat sembuh :)

Neeza Shahril said...


terima kasih ye. ni baru lepas minum air masak. heheee... thanks again... :)