Thursday, February 21, 2008

a little experiment

After a few weeks days managed not to cook (actually I wasn't able to due to my sickness), I cooked yesterday. One of the reasons was, I couldn't stand kabsah and pizza any longer. Another reason, I wanted to finish those free plain yogurt and laban that I got and tried the receipe (can it be considered receipe? Sure can!) given by Kak OO and Lollies.

Kak OO taught me to make fried chicken using plain yogurt while Lollies suggested me to make mango lassi. Thanks sisters! Since I had chicken and mango juice at home, I thought, why not gave it a try!

Yesterday evening, after the headache eased a bit, I went to the kitchen and took out everything that I needed. About an hour later (probably more than that heheee..), everything finished.

I thought of taking a picture of them but when I looked at the results, better not heheee.. (buat malu company aje). Must be something not so great to be shown huh! Surely there were... huhuuuu!!! Let me list them here...

  1. The chicken was overly cooked. Some parts turned to almost black *blush*

  2. I don't have potato flour (tepung kentang) at home. So, I had to exclude them. The chicken didn't look scrumptious at all. It turned to be a bit harden instead of crispy.

  3. The taste of the chicken?? a bit salty and too sweet...

  4. The mango lassi did taste great but why it looked like santan pecah minyak (that's the only way to describe heheheeee..). The laban and mango juice didn't mix well. Is it supposed to have that look? I doubt it though. I end up drank the mango basi lassi all by myself. My kids just *eeeuuwwww* when they looked at the look!

My conclusion to this experiment are:

  1. I should get the correct measurement before pandai-pandai
  2. Make sure I have everything required and not partly (lack of 1 item could make a lot of difference)
  3. Menuntut ilmu sampai habis, bukan separuh jalan!

and last but not least, mengaku je lah awak tu tak pandai masak heheheheheeeee.....

Anyway, I did try once. I can try again but of course I have to buy them coz' there'll be no more free stuff :)

I wish my fried chicken and mango lassi look like these... *drool*

10 sugar & spice:

pB said...


Hock paling penting , cubo tra.

jadi tock jadi suku kiro

lepah ni , mesti terror ..

dock gitu?

Ummi said...

Kak Neeza, it's a matter of trial and error. Just keep on trying. I'm not a good cook myself, but bolehlaaaa...hehehe. After all, practice makes perfect. All the best!

Neeza Shahril said...

kak pB,

setuju tu kak pB. kalu neeza tok tera, mano nok tahu jjadi ko dok dih! pah ni.. neeza tera lagi, tera lagi, sapa success heheee.. thank you deh :)



yupp dear. practice makes perfect. Kalau setakat sekali cuba nak harapkan jadi, senang la hidup kan.. hehehee.... thanks!

Ummu Layth said...

at least you can say you have tried it and that's an achievement in itself!

lepas ni boleh buat lagi hehehe.

Neeza Shahril said...


I guess it's an achievement - a not so perfect one kan.. hehee.. lepas ni mesti kena buat lagi... heheee

Kak Lady said...

Neeza...kak lady kalau nak masak firt time kene ikut sukatan betul2...takut tak menjadi...Selalunya kalau tak menjadi tu bila dah 2-3 kali buat...sebab konon dah terer...main campak2 aje...resultnya...hahaha...tak menjadi...

Tapi kalau tak jadi tak pernah putus asa...Cuba lagi neeza...dah jadi nanti amik gambo tau...

Neeza Shahril said...

kak Lady,

tu lah sepatutnya neeza buat..tapi banyak ke pandai kan.. heheee.. takpe.. nanti dah jadi, mesti ambik gambar nya.. jadi bukti kejayaan kehkehkehhh...

Lollies said...

hmmm why eh dia jadi curdle? laban tu belum expire kan? perhaps the temperature was not right? i did it right out of the fridge. i blogged about it once kat sini

ada gambar sekali.

tapi sometimes for certain reason, benda first time buat tak jadi. i made tiramisu but i don't know, was it my cream cheese brand? some people say tiramisu i masin sikit. pulak dah. but you bet i will try again.

zino said...

lama lama nanti pandai lah tu.. kena nuntut dengan maklang jugak hehe

Neeza Shahril said...


tak tahu kenapa. belum lagi expired Laban tu. mungkin jugak temperature coz juice tu memang sejuk sangat. I've seen your Mango Lassi tu. memang mine wasn't like that langsung..

takpe, try lagi next time hehee..



ye la kot.. kena cari mak lang ni.. hehee..