Monday, February 11, 2008

Part time nurse...

(This entry was typed on the 11th Feb 2008 but only posted today since I just got back from the hospital. I posted it here coz' this blog is like my journal - to update my daily happenings)

After about a week (like what dbi has told me:) ), I almost recovered. Alhamdulillah... Perhaps a slight sore throat is still waiting to improve. Yet, I can't be too happy since now I have to take care of my 2-not feeling so well-kids - Coan and Shahmey.

Shahmey has completely healed from his fever *relief* but now he's coughing. I'm not sure if it's normal for a 9-month-old infant to get cough (perhaps a doctor's advice or anybody else who knows about this is needed here) but he's coughing now. Blame it on the weather and also to us who brought him out in the weather like this. When he had fever, doctor gave us 3 kinds of medicine inclusive of the antibiotic. I read the label - 'it may affect the liver bla bla bla...' Oh dear.. I'm skeptical. Better don't take the risk.

Coan, she's getting fever now. It has been 3 days. She refused to go to the hospital. It's not easy to convince her to take her medicine. We have fever syrup (paracetamol) at home but she doesn't want to take it. I tried to give her honey drink (air madu) but as soon as she sipped it, she threw up. She's complaining of headache. At first I thought it might be normal due to her condition. But it has been 3 days that she has been complaining of the headache.

Today, Coan is still complaining her head is spinning. Just now, she complained her hand is painful. I'm even more worry. I decided to bring both Coan (1st time) and Shahmey (2nd time) to see a peadetrician. Though she still refused (she scared of getting an injection actually), we have to go. Now I'm waiting for abang to come back and bring us to hospital.

So, to all my friends who wonder what I was (still am) doing these few days and perhaps another few days, this is the answer. I am a part time nurse. Hope I'll be a good one :)

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