Monday, March 31, 2008

always there ;)

It's about frequent visited links (Ingatkan apa la always there ye. hehehee...). I was tagged by this sweet little sister, Manje to declare (declare tu! hehehe..) all links that I frequently visited. As usual, this one has got its own rules. They are:

1. Must be clean. No x-rated sites.
2. Only five links.
3. Must tell 5 person
4. A link back to the person who tagged you.
5. An active link.

My dear Manje, I always scared when anyone tagged me (I think I've mentioned this in your comment section tapi takpelah... ;)). I'm afraid I would not be able to perform the tagging task. Actually I'm worried I won't be able to do it right. Anything can imply everything and also nothing hehehe.. so tricky huh Manje :). Since it's pretty straight forward, I'll do this one. Anyway, I won't disappoint you pretty Manje :).

    who's link is this? Ops! Its mine... hehehe... Abang said, "takde lain blogger la tu..", whenever I was in front of the notebook. Whatever you said, abang. You should be thankful that I don't make your life miserable like before (when I used to be jobless long time ago and always bok bek bok bek to you everytime you came back home).

    I find peace make friends here until I don't even realize the time flies so fast (tahu tahu aje dah almost noon and I haven't cook for lunch yet huhuuuu!!!). I used to work and the job that I involved with required me to communicate with people (I love that kinda job). When I decided to quit my job and came to S@udi, I was a bit skeptical. Would I be okay being jobless? Can I cope with the kids, 3 kids altogether without any helper? Will I get bored?

    I was scared, so scared. But now, I'm still doing well. 6 months have gone and I'm still doing fine. About 7 years ago, after 2 months quitting from my first job, I was so depressed. I disturbed my husband (called him) sometimes more than 5 times a day! Can you imagine that? I was bored. Though there was internet connection, I didn't surf much. Now, not anymore! I have friends (interactive one) despite staying home. I simply love it :)


    Though I'm jobless (sedihya laa.. bunyi macam kena buang kerja aje :P), I always get in touch with my friends in previous workplace and other friends. Everyday, without fail and if the S@udi Telecommunication internet connection is okay, I went through my emails. This is how I updated my friends about my well being and get updates about them. If it was about 20 years ago, we wrote letters, now, we're writing letters too. The different is, previously we had to write using a pen or pencil and now we just need to type. Handy huh! heheheee..

    By the way, since y@hoo is quite interactive, it does have feature like YM (duhh!! as if its new to everyone..). Have I told you yet that I was connected again with my college mate who was also my block mate, Nass through this YM thingy? She found me one day somewhere (Nass, ingatkan Neeza balik ya camana Nass 'jumpa' Neeza.. lupa sebab excited sangat masa tu ;)) and she YM me. I was so shocked then because I haven't heard from her for quite a while. To my surprise, she's doing her PhD now in NZ!! (Huhuuuuu... Neeza still lagi dengan 1st degree...)


    I am in S@udi and unfortunately, they don't sell M@laysian newspaper here (kalau dia jual, tak pulak modal la weii.. hehehee). So, this is how I get updates about my country.. (alamak! homesick la pulak.. huhuuuu). Instead or reading the hardcopy, I read the online news.

    Recently, I noticed myself clicking this site more often than usual. Psssttt.. I've been nosy in ensuring the reporters were not biased. They should report the actual and not camouflaging anything. That gives me a reason to click the below site :)


    I know some of you don't read this online news. I'm not forcing anyone to read this. For me, reading is a pleasure when I'm bored. Reading online news is different, though. I read news not for pleasure but to acquire correct and precise information. If I read any kind of article, I want to make sure, I am given all accurate facts and figures. There should be no biased whatsoever. So, its good to compare. By reading No 3 and No 4, I can compare which one is more sensible / logical and which one is not (Note to myself: not eveything in No 3 is wrong okay and vice versa :P)


    Looks familiar? Heheee.. for a loanee like me, yes! During my time, everyone received so called 'pinjaman boleh ubah' (what do they call in English?) loan, meaning it could be changed to a scholarship or a reduced amount of payment. Sad to say, nobody gets to convert their loan to scholarship, though they managed to score 4.0/4.0 (this one that I'm writing about is JP@ and not M@RA).

    The most discount given was 75% - meaning we have to pay 25%. I had to pay only 25% of the loan for managing to get #.##/4.0. I'm not gonna mention it here heheheeee.. The amount is still high though considering my 3 years in M@laysia and 2 years in Un1ted St@tes. But, Alhamdulillah... Otherwise, I won't be able to travel overseas at all. To cut it short, I have to pay back. Every month, I have to check if my loan amount is updated (just to make sure somebody in somewhere did their job hehehee..)

Wow!!! Pretty long huh! Oh well, having written these, I have to comply another step more. I'm required to tag other people. Is it really? Read the rules again. No 3: 'Must tell 5 person'. It doesn't say I have to tag 5 people hehehe.. to my understanding at least. I don't care whether all other bloggers were actually tagging 5 other people but according to my understanding, I just need to tell 5 people and I'm sure there'll be at least 5 people will be reading this (If I don't get 5, I will force my friends to read this hehehee..) Am I cunning? Sure do... hehehe.. But, to anyone who is interested to do this, with open arm, it'll be my pleasure. Go ahead friend :).

Manje, okay tak? Hehehe...

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silversarina said...

ha aha..lupa nak letak blog akak yang paling akak minat... opps..perasannya...izzat ada kata pada akak camtu...hihihi.

duk congok depan pc sampai tengah hari... I used to do that.. now... akak 'cek' pc in between housechores .... nikmatnya :)

Neeza Shahril said...

Kak Rina,

kalau kita tak sayang blog sendiri, orang lain pun tak suka datang blog kita... Biar lah perasan.. takpeee.. hehehee...

Neeza ni make sure housechores siap half sebelah pagi.. then blogging... lepas tu masak.. tengok anak2.. then blogging lagi.. hehehee.. best kan..

Anonymous said...

salam akak...

tme kasih akak... manje tau akak takkan hampekan permintaan manje... hik2... uih btl ke awal2 smpai Saudi, akak selalu wat camtu pd abg... tnye jek... so sweet...

> syg akak ... *hugs* <

Neeza Shahril said...


sama-sama... no problem nye..
bukan masa sampai Saudi manje.. masa akak berenti kerja dari Selangor and pindah Kuantan. Tak kerja... memula tu, memang akak selalu call..
akak selalu menyusahkan dia.. call tanya macam2.. bila nak balik, nape balik lambat dan macam2 soalan.. hehehe..
tak ke tension kawan tu. sabar je akak ni kan.. hehehee..

*hugs manje balik*

zino said...

bila nak habis penyakit tag ni hehe

Neeza Shahril said...


tu la pasal... sebab tu neeza buat gitu.. hehehe..

MAMAMIA said...

Nasib baik ada internet & blog. Keeps SAHM like us connected without leaving home. Tapi kadang2 boleh terbabas... tu yang nasib tak baiknya

Jie said...

dah kena tag 2 kali benda ni, belum buat..issshh....

tiap hari ade je entri nk di publish tak pasti nk selit bab tag2 ni tang mana..hehehehee

Fadzila said...

ha..kan dah lebih dari 5 orang... ^^

Neeza Shahril said...


betul tu kan. Kalau kita bertenggek rumah orang, kerja rumah entah kemana lak nanti... bab terbabas tu.. selalu gak jadi kat neeza.. heheheeee...


Kak Jie,

haaaa.. kena buat tu kak Jie sebelum terlupa.. takpe, letak 2 3 entry sehari.. hehehehe...



betul tak?? hehee.. kira mengelat tak?? takkkkkk... hehehee.. confident aje akak ni kan.. :))

noniey alias said...

nasib baik baca blog kak neeza.. baru tau leh check loan jpa kat website tu.. kalau kita nak bayar, boleh bayar guna no bil yang kat atas tu ke?

Neeza Shahril said...


laaa.. baru tau ye.. ish ish..berguna jugak buat blog ni kan.. hehehe..

Ya noniey.. guna ni bil tu. No bil tu beza tiap2 bulan kan..
akak kena check.. takut diorang tak update hehehe..