Saturday, April 5, 2008

A reflective vacation

Only 1 word - Alhamdulillah! Thank to Allah who has granted my wish to perform an Umrah together with my family - Abang, Sophea, Sobhan and Shahmey. Before I proceed, please allow me to note a friendly reminder to anybody who read this entry. The reason I'm putting this entry is not to boast about myself or show off whatever that I've done.

I have 2 intentions - One is to share my experience with all my friends (yes, I consider you as my friend) and two is to log every special moment that I've gone through (I hope I will remember this for the rest of my life, Insyaallah).

I'm sure in the inner heart of every Muslim has an intention to go to Mekah whether to perform their Umrah or even Haj. Like myself, the moment Abang was destined to work in S@udi Ar@bia, I've started to imagine myself being there one fine day. Alhamdulillah, it was materialized a few days ago.

Before this, I heard people talked about their experience, all the good and bad that occured to them. The contests were given by Allah to see whether we're strong enough to be His khalifa (خليفة ẖalīfä) in this small and temporary world. People told about many stories starting from the sweetest until the worst one. Thinking about all the sins that I've committed, I was scared. Anything could happen there. I made various do'a to Allah so that I could perform my umrah without much trouble.

I have to admit - I am just like any other people. I made mistakes in life and I am just an ordinary human being. It turned out, I was given a few tests too when I was there. I'm not sure whether its proper to tell people what I've gone through. Since I've already mentioned about my 2 intentions earlier, I'll proceed to write about it. I'm sorry if you don't like to read my entry or think I shouldn't let other people to know them. Again, I'm not forcing anyone to read this entry. Anyway, I'm not that pious to talk about religion. I'm just sharing my experience....

A few occurences that made me reflect are:

  1. We went to several (I guess it was more than 5) hotels including the H1lton and Inter C0ntinental and all were fully booked! Can you imagine the SR1000+ per night hotel room like the H1lton was fully booked and it was not even a Haj period. We were so tired and sweating all over that afternoon. I had to carry Shahmey since he refused to sit in the stroller. The kids kept complaining about the hot weather and painful legs.

    We had to take another cab and look for a place to stay. We managed to get a room (a simple one) with an affordable rate (more or less about the one closer to Al Haram). The good thing was they gave us complimentary breakfast and there was a shuttle service to go to Al Haram. Abang told me, if only there was an available room in H1lton, we could have used up a few K's (thousands riyals).

    I guess, I could say, things happen for a reason (ada hikmah disebalik kejadian)

  2. Before taking a cab to find a place to stay, Abang asked me to perform an Umrah by myself first, while he could wait for the kids. I refused since my intention was to perform the umrah together with my family. In addition, I was really exhausted - my feet hurt so badly and my tummy growled.

    After checking in, we rested a bit while waiting for the Zuhr prayer. Then only we proceeded to Al Haram. As soon as I saw the Ka'bah (from the masjid), my heart stirred. The moment I started tawaf, my feet felt strong - no more pain. For me, I would describe that incidence as, Allah will help us whenever we plan to perform good deeds.

  3. I always afraid my son, Shahmey (a 10 month old) would throw up on my clothes (when it gets dirty, I need to change - troublesome). A few seconds after I had a thinking about Shahmey would throw up, he did so on my telekung (ihram clothing). I had to go up and changed. Luckily, I brought 2 telekung. Actually, earlier in the flight, I went to the toilet. The toilet was dirty. I doubt my telekung was clean but I didn't change it. If Shahmey didn't make my telekung really dirty, I may not change it yet. Thus, I would wear a dirty telekung to perform the umrah. So??? I guess you know the answer :). Another thing happen for a reason...

  4. Coan had been asking for a new pair of shoes that she described as 'kasut kaca' (nothing happen to the old one actually) like the one she saw during her birthday party (someone came wearing that kind of shoes). While having our breakfast on the 2nd day, her shoes torn. We didn't bring extra shoes for her. So, we had to shop for a new pair. I was thinking to grab just any kind of slipper to accommodate her. We went to a few shops. Her wish granted when the first shop that had children shoes actually sold the kind of shoes that she always dream of. It was really a wish come true for her :)

  5. I heard there are times when whatever you said will be granted if you said them in Mekah. It occured a few times already. Abang also experienced the same. He told me that he wanted to eat rice for our lunch. When he looked at the stall that sold rice (kabsa), they're not that tempting to him. So, he bought falafel (sandwich kind) instead.

    In Al Haram so far, I didn't see any restaurant that provided places to eat. After getting our food we had to hunt for a place to sit and eat. We opted to sit on the floor beside one of the benches close to the masjid. The girls were sitting / playing on the bench while Abang and I ate our falafel.

    While eating, my 2 girls passed a kabsa (rice with grilled chicken) to us. The kabsa was given by a couple who sit on the other side of the bench. I reflected that Abang told me before about craving for rice and now, he got it. Amazing huh!

  6. While waiting for abang in the masjid, Coan kept jumping from the stairs. She likes to jump anyway. I was afraid Coan would break her leg since the stairs were quite high. I knew that I needed to warn her. I was thinking to tell "Jangan lompat, nanti patah kaki" but I was also afraid she would really sprain her leg. So, I told her "Jangan lompat, nanti tercabut kuku" instead. Frankly, I didn't expect that to happen at all. Well, she stopped jumping for a while.

    The next day, she splitted her toe nail. Though the condition wasn't that bad, I regretted for saying such thing a day before. I should have said something like "... nanti Abah marah". Ain't I?

  7. I was stopped by a muttawa (pious man) in Al Haram. He inspected my bag and found my camera (they prohibited people from taking picture though many disregard that rules since it wasn't properly written). He asked me not to bring the camera inside. We (my friend, As and I diverted and used a different entrance instead). It was sneaky but the occasion made me think about disobeying the rules is immoral.

Though I experienced a few unfavorables instances there, I enjoyed the 'vacation'. I wish to be there again for another Umrah or Haj perhaps. Insyaallah...

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YuszTieY said...

harap k.neza sefamily sihat lps balik dr umrh..dok rase dah k.ja pi sana mase baca n3 lepas...bestnya teringin nya nak pi jugak...aminnn moga alllah makbulkan..

neomesuff said...

Alhamdulillah, all went fairly well for you and family.

I wish i could go there too one day. And its okay for you to share it with us all here. Your experience means the world to everybody who plan to go there...

Insya well dearie ;-)

Ummi said...

Seronokkan!? Pasti air mata menitis bila nampak kaabah..susah nak describe perasaan tukan.

Alhamdulillah, neeza dan keluarga selamat kembali. Memang betul kata neeza kita mesti pergi dgn hati yang bersih.

Ummi pun pernah diduga disana.

Anonymous said...

Alhamdulillah.. akak ngan famili dah selamat kembali... pergi buat umrah rupanye... manje pon simpan hasrat nak ke sane jg Insya Allah suatu hari nati...

***Hugs akak, rindu sgt2... manje rasa kehilangan yg teramat***

Cat Cat said...

Looks like you guys have lots of fun... We, too, seriously need a vacation.

Eh, anak2 neeza semuanya comel-comel... Cute.

silversarina said...


Alhamdulillah you and family dapat mengerjakan umrah.. seronoknya tengok gambar2 di sana. Akak ingat sekarang dah boleh bawa masuk kamera... segala yang berlaku menjadi ingatan dan pengajaran...demi kebaikan juga...

Neeza Shahril said...


alhamdulillah... semua sihat Tiey. Insyaallah, taklama lagi Tiey sampai jugok disana... :)



Thanks :). I love to share my experience Neome tapi takut ada orang misinterpret pulak sebab I did read in a friend's blog about someone said this person was bragging.
Some people memang tak suka tengok orang lain senang kot..
Insyaallah, you'll be there one day dear :)


Kak Ummi,

betul sangat tu Kak Ummi. sebak semacam tapi since orang ramai, nobody cares.

Neeza tak terkecuali dengan semua dugaan tu. Alhamdulillah, neeza selamat buat Umrah...

Neeza Shahril said...


Thanks manje :). Insyaallah, manje akan kesana juga tak lama lagi...

*Hugs manje balik* Things happen for a reason.
Allah lebih sayangkan tok wan... take care dear :)



We did Cath :) Seronok and rasa nak pergi lagi.

Anak2 happy sebab apa yang diorang nak dapat - toys and cheap accessories. hehehe...


Kak Rina,

Thanks Kak Rina :). Tak boleh bawa camera tapi ramai aje yang ambil gambar.
Polis buat dek aje. Muttawa lah yang strict sikit..
tapi macam Kak Rina kata, semua yang terjadi tu jadi peringatan buat kita kan...

elisataufik said...

Alhamdulillah and Masya-Allah!!

memang betul, kan, orang kata, "kalau Allah terima jadi tetamuNya di Tanah Haram, Insya-Allah akan di permudahkanNya"

I felt the same way when we were there.
We were supposed to stay at another hotel, tapi alih2 it was closed for renovation lak, so we decided to stay in Al-Rawasi (dekat dengan KFC). Alhamdulillah, dapat 2 connecting rooms. We arrived lewat malam, and mula2 ingat nak tidor lepas makan dinner, tapi sebab budak2 tak selesa tidor dalam ihram, we decided to gagahkan jugak buat umrah that night.
Masuk masjidil haram at midnight, Masya-Allah!! macam ada satu kuasa yang beri kita tenaga. Nampak ka'abah, lagilah.. jiwa berkobar2 nak tawaf. Saei pun alhamdulillah.. somehow ihram my boys asyik terlucut and kena berhenti every passing to betulkan, tapi jadi macam hikmahlah pulak, sebab dapat rehat sekejap. Kebetulan asyik terlucut dekat2 dengan tong air zam-zam lak tu!
Lepas umrah tu, macam spirit kita 'recharged' kan? Kalau dulu berat aje nak solat, sekarang macam automatic aje, dengar azan, perform solat. hee hee

Memang teringin sangat nak pegi lagi. And this time Elisa nak visit madinah sekali. Insya-Allah, kalau dah ada niat, mesti Allah berikan jalan.
Jom pegi sama2!

Zabs said...

Salam Neeza,
Alhamdulillah syukur, anda dan keluarga telah dapat menunaikan ibadah Umrah tersebut. Semoga telah mendapat Umrah yang mabrur. InsyaAllah.
Sekarang bolehlah persiapkan diri untuk menunaikan ibadah Haji pula. Ia wajib bagi orang yang mampu. InsyaAllah.

Mak Teh said...

Alhamdulillah! Best tengok gambar dan baca entry neeza ni. Anak-anak tu pun comel-comel especially yang baby tu.

Mak tehpun rasa nak pergi lagi dengan Pak haji and anak-anak. Last kami kat sana was 06. Mak teh pergi haji semasa Yanna dalam perut (that means 20 years ago !) High time due for another Haj , kalau ada rezeki.

Neeza Shahril said...


Thanks Lisa :) I was so damn scared before pergi tu. Macam2 ada dalam kepala. All sorts of possibilities. Alhamdulillah, things went pretty well.

Untuk pergi lagi this year tak berapa pasti sebab cuti husband neeza tak banyak sangat. Plan nak balik Malaysia 2 kali setahun dah. So, kena catu-catu aje..

Tapi, mana tahu, kalau2 ada rezeki yang tak terduga kan. Boleh kita jalan sama2 ke Madinah sekali. Nanti Neeza boleh kenalkan Lisa dengan Nur and Ahmed. Tapi, without me pun you guys can go at her place. They're really kind. Nanti Neeza bagi Lisa her number ye.


Pak Zabs,

Thanks Pak Zabs. Neeza rasa happy sebab lepas 1 hajat.

Hajat yang 1 lagi - haji pulak. Since dah dekat, kena lah berusaha ke arah itu kan.

Insyaallah, neeza harap dimakbulkan niat yang ni pulak.


Mak Teh,

Thanks Mak Teh :) wah!! lama dah Mak Teh pergi haji ye. Masa tu muda lagi lah kan.
Yana merasa ikut haji dari dalam perut lagi. Tak lama lagi dia lah pulak kot.. Ke, dia dah pergi haji?

Insyaallah akan dipermudahkan kalau Mak Teh berniat nak pergi lagi. Sama2 kita berdoa ya...

pakpayne said...

alhamdullillah neeza...semoga ibadah di berkati.
i didn't know u were there...tapi i actually guessed taht ur vacation was there lah..cuma tak confirm ...
i was there too - but alone!

ermm...nanti lah lain kali story lagi.

Happy to see memorable photos!

pakcik idham

pakpayne said...

eh silap...tersign as pakcik idham pulak.

actually dah tukar nama tu kepada pakpayne.


pB said...

assalamulalaikum puan hajjah kecik

sonok nyer baca pengalamae Neja wak umroh.
Ni lah , orghe kato benefit kalu krijo kat tanih arab nie. Mudoh nok buat umroh.

Alhamdulillah sebab Allah makbul impian Neja sor family nok g situ.

Napok gayo , kak pB keno start sipae pitih ni .....

OndeOnde said...

MasyaAllah and Alhamdulillah JA!

JA and family telah dipilih untuk menjadi tetamu Allah. Mudah2an kami pun jugak nanti!

TQ for sharing your stories.

WanHidayat said...

Salam kakak ku yang jauh di mata tapi dekat di hati....akak, sesungguh sy teringin sgt ke sana....teringin nak beramal ibadat di sana...teringan nak bersolat di sana (nak menangis dah nih)...moga2 permintaan sy nak bawak mak ayah ke sana....nak bawak adik2 ke sana...entah lah bila.....tahun ini, mmg sy ada plan nak ke sana buat umrah dengan mak abah tapi mak ngn ayah kata takleh bulan 5....anak saudara mak kawen kat Terengganu....akak...doakan sy semoga suatu hari nnti sy sampai juga ke sana....besh baca cerita akak...

-akuni- said...

Alhamdulillah, pergi umrah rupanya Neeza ni... last week pun family sebelah hubby (4 org kakak ipar, seorang biras dan 2 orang anak sedara) pergi umrah jugak, katanya 43 darjah celcius kat sana ya...

Saya harap saya pun dapat buat umrah, begitu juga ibu saya (yang belum dapat umrah & haji lagi).

Neeza Shahril said...

Pak Payne,

aik!! tukar nick pulak ke? nape yek? any specific reason? share laa.. hehee..

kalau bagi tahu pun rasanya susah nak jumpa sebab orang ramai betul. Lagipun masing2 sibuk dengan aktiviti masing2 kan.

Insyaallah.. thanks ye :)


Kak pb,

waalaikumsalam kak pb. hehee.. hajah kecik.. thanks kak pb deh.

rejeki Ja la buleh maghi ssini walaupun terpakso begheti kijo.

Insyaallah, pah ni turn kak pb pulok. Ja tuppae doa skali.


Kak Wani,

Thanks kak wani. Insyaallah, pah ni kak wani pulok maghi ssini deh.

Kalu kito nok wak mugo baik, Insyaallah Allah permudahkan..



salam adik akak. Insyaallah.. Istiqamah kan doa tu. Allah sentiasa mendengar terutamanya kalau kita nak buat benda baik.

Kalau bukan bulan 5, bulan lain pun okay.
Akak jumpa ramai melayu kat sana dok tengah bershopping.. hehehe..
maknanya, akak pun sama la tu.. heheheeee...



thanks Ahni. entah2 neeza ada jumpa diorang tapi sebab tak kenal, tak lah bertegur kan..
43C?? uiissshhh.. tinggi tu. Memang panas sangat. Nak buka mata pun susah. Tapi, alhamdulillah, neeza tengok semua yang bertawaf tu cool aje.

Saie okay sebab ada bumbung and kipas. taklah terasa panas..

Insyaallah, kalau tak this year, next year dapatlah ahni pergi sana juga.. :)

Kak Lady said...

Alhamdulillah neeza dah selamat menjalankan ibadah umrah bersama keluarga seperti yang diinginkan...

Insyaallah satu hari nanti niat untuk mengerjakan haji akan termakbul...memang dlam hati setiap umat Islam ingin sekali menjejakkan kaki ke Tanah Suci itu...tapi semuanya dengan izin Allah...

Jie said...

Alhamdulillah....selamat pergi dah kembali. Cuti yang berkat, moga².

Pengalaman tu menjadi pedoman dan panduan bagi kami yang mungin Insya Allah akan menjejak suatu hari nanti.

arinna@ira said...

salam kak neeza,,alhamdulillah akak dah slamat dari menunaikan umrah,,ira pun teringin nak pg sana,,tp tk tau bla,,doakan smoga ira dpt pg sana eh,,aminn

Zabs said...

Salam Neeza,
Nak tanya sikit, blog pak payne tu anda dapat masuk ke?

Neeza Shahril said...

Kak Lady,

Thanks kak lady :) Insyaallah, masa kak lady akan sampai tak lama lagi.


Kak Jie,

Thanks Kak Jie :) Insyaallah...

Neeza harap pun macam tu...



Salam Ira and thanks ye :) Insyaallah.. akak tumpang berdoa Ira pulak akan kesana..


Pak Zabs,

baru neeza try. dapat pulak masuk. Kenapa? tak boleh masuk ke? under construction kot tadi tu hehee...

DBI said...

bertuah sungguh...alhamdullilah

Neeza Shahril said...


thanks.. ramai lagi yang bertuah :) said...


Neeza Shahril said...