Tuesday, May 27, 2008

CCM 1-22 May 2008 Part 1 - Meeting bloggers

I'm not sure how to write everything concern my vacation in M@laysia recently. Too many too write. The readers may get bored I will get exhausted writing a lenghty entry. That would also means, my entry will be a 'rojak' entry since there were many occasions occured in that 3 weeks.

CCM means Cuti-Cuti M@laysia and 1-22 May 2008 denotes my vacation started on 1st May and ended on 22 May 2008. I guess there'll be many parts of the stories. Since this is about my vacation, you may find it bosan hehehe... I'm sorry if you may feel so.

My 1st part gonna be about meeting lovely bloggers. Frankly speaking, I was quite surprise when meeting them for the 1st time. They look younger than the picture I saw in their blogs. All of them. Seriously!!

The 1st blogger that I've met: Kak pb the kakak Klate

Kak pb, Bada (my sister) and myself holding a little Shahmey

Kak pb and myself with Shahmey, of course ;) - I've got kak pb's permission to post her picture here :)

We met at the Summ1t Hotel, USJ on 5th May 2007. It was a coincidence actually. I went to meet my sister who happened to stay there. We went for lunch at McD and had fun talking to each other like we've known each other for ages. She's so friendly. At first I was afraid of giving her bad impression of myself but the moment I talked to her, I knew I can forget all negative thoughts. Thanks Kak pb for the warm meeting and the pretty bracelet (Ja berkenan sangat tapi takleh pakai - nanti 2 anak dara berebut nak gelang tu... hehee..)

The 2nd blogger that I've met: Mak Lang the chef and everything else

I can't forget Mak Lang's grilled chicken, oregano potato and choc muffin yummy!!

Enjoying the super delicious dinner

Mak Lang's family and part of my family (Abang took picture)

How I wish I could own this gorgeous garden...

My family and I went to Maklang's house in K3rteh (about 40 minutes from my parents' house) on 9 May 2008. My family was so blessed to be able to meet such a wonderful family of Maklang. Maklang's parents were there too. We're served with a table full of delicious homemade food. The down to earth Paklang has got a thumb's up from Abang. His friendliness and humbleness really make us feel like home. Maklang was like a dear sister to me when she shared stories and advices with me. Thanks Maklang.

In fact, we're astonished the most about Maklang's garden - I think I'm not bluffing if I say the garden is cost a priceless amount of ecstatic value! Thanks Maklang for the huge dinner and the souvenir.

Right now, I guess Maklang is still in KSH. I pray for her soonest recovery. Though I enjoy reading Paklang's entries in Maklang's blog, I still miss Maklang's bubbly celoteh.

The 3rd blogger that I've met: Kak Rina the wanmommy sporting

Kak Rina, her hubby and part of my family

At last, I got to eat Kak Rina's scrumptious Soto yumm!!

Simply mouth watering!!

Kak Rina, little Mimi of Kak Rina, myself, Shahmey and my mom

Kak Rina invited us for lunch on 12 May 2008. All of us including my parents and youngest brother, Afir were there enjoying Kak Rina's Soto and pudding (almost licin all the food *tutup muka - malu*). Abang really enjoyed himself chatting with Kak Rina's darling (sampaikan orang dah nak balik, dia keep on talking heheee). Perhaps it was due to the fact that they involved in the same line of career.

My mother was also excited to meet Kak Rina since she knew Kak Rina since a few years back. But she called Kak Rina with a different name - **ja*. Kak Rina has entertained us with many stories of her own. If it wasn't due to time constraint, I may not leave Kak Rina's house yet.

Thanks Kak Rina and hubby for the kindness and delicious Soto. Also, thanks for the chocolates. The kids and adik Neeza ate them all in simply no time...

I haven't got the chance to meet other bloggers. Next time, Insyaallah...

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zino said...

dah mula buat koleksi blogger yg telah bersemuka.. hehe makin lama makin ramai yg akan menjelma..hehe

l i e y n said...

bestnya dapat tambah kawan...

neomesuff said...

delightful meetings! and the foooood..oh so yummy!!! and yre right..MakLang's place is soo grand...how i wish too ;-)

Kak Elle said...

salam neeza kakelle dtg melawat blog neeza pulak...maklang and rina sudah pun ke sg dan kami dah berjumpa..kalau neeza ke sg bagi tau nanti kakelle jemput makan di rumah juga ye?

cikgu jawe said...

kalau kak neeza dtg umah aku, rasanya aku nk pakai topeng lee.. hehe. *malu weh* hehe

Mak Teh said...

Neeza, sekarang dah puas dapat tengok wajah neeza dalam gambar-gambar yang di postkan itu. Kiranya tak salah sangat tekaan mak teh tu wajahmu memang ayu! Tapi yang syok tengok shamey yang comel tu, hehhe

Fadzila said...

ala...jelesnya....nyaris2 fadzila punya gambar pun masuk sama..ekekekek

Neeza Shahril said...


muka zino gak neeza tak tengok lagi.. hehehh..



dapat kawan dari serata dunia best kan...



setakat berangan dalam hati je dulu neeza ni.. hehe..
rumah Maklang memang best..


Kak elle,

thanks kak elle sudi ke sini..
naik segan neeza.. pergi rumah rakan blogger, jemput makan.. neeza tak pulak buat makan ajak rakan blogger..
tapi, Insyaallah.. kalau neeza pergi S'pore, neeza contact kak elle ye...



nape nak pakai topeng lak??
nanti akak ingat spiderman.. hehee.. ataupun cicakman...hahaa!!!


Mak Teh,

hehee.. alhamdulillah.. neeza macam orang lain jugak Mak Teh... sama je... malah, banyak kekurangannya...

shahmey tu memang ye comel - hehee.. sape lagi nak puji kalau bukan ummi dia kan... hehehhh...



nanti2 masuk gak tu.. tungguuuu... heheheeee....

OndeOnde said...

Family Mak Lang/Pak Lang memang friendly, kami ada singgah awal tahun dulu..macam dah kenal laaaaamaaa...syok tengok susunatur rumah mak lang, baaaaanyak bunga!!

Neeza Shahril said...

Kak Wani,

sungguh tu... memang friendly habis.. terasa macam kakok sendiri je.. walaupun Ja takdok kakok...
bunga2 tu tok soh ghoyak laaa.. memang jeles jeles dan jeles lagi...
berangan ajeee dulu.. hehee..

YuszTieY said...

dlm byk2 gamba hok k.ja letok hok anggur dgn timun cino ore nampok jelas..kekekkeee...my peberek tu...sebiji timun cino make sore pun habis dlm setgh ari...hehheeee

Jie said...

ooo itu ke dak klate tu...pB..hehehehe

org klate mmg tomei2...baguihnya neeza dah ramai koleksi tu

Neeza Shahril said...


terliur kae... hhmmm.. sedapnyaaa!!! hehee..


Kak Jie,

memang comel.. tak macam mak orang pun dia kak Jie..
awet muda gitu..