Saturday, May 31, 2008

CCM 1-22 May 2008 Part 3 - 2 different occasions in 1 day

pictures taken in the late Atok Itam eldest son's house

mostly are red - symbolizes happiness, I guess

Early in the morning of 4th May 2008, abang's handphone rang. I saw the name that appeared. My BIL! Something urgent must had happened. I answered the call. He called to inform about Atok Itam (their Datuk saudara - I don't know the term in English) had just passed away. He asked me to inform everyone about it. The funeral will be held in Amp@ng.

Actually on the very same day, we're planning to attend a wedding ceremony of my husband's relatives. I'm not sure how they are related but they were quite closed to the family who was holding the function. The wedding ceremony was in PJ.

So, we had to attend a 2 different occasion - funeral and wedding. One was where we could see people cried and the other was where most of the people are happy celebrating the newly wed couple.

As for me, I felt a bit sad attending the funeral. Though I wasn't quite close to the late Atok Itam, the fact seeing he had left the world made me really down. His turn had arrived. I'm not sure when is mine...

Then, we moved on to the wedding ceremony in PJ. There were 3 cars in a convoy. When we reached the junction, all 3 went to separate ways. Abang followed the sign put up on a few junctions and we made it first to the place.

The food was okay. They had karaoke and lucky draw. I guess it was popular nowadays having such program in a wedding ceremony. Congratulations to the couple. I pray for your happiness always. Insyaallah...

6 sugar & spice:

zino said...

kat sini pun ada pengantin hehe

Cat Cat said...

What a co-incidence, kan..?? But what to do, got to attend both occasion on the same day... Some chinese really pantang, they will have to choose either one. But to me, I don't really care. As long as I show up, that's all matters.

YuszTieY said...

lawakan kehijauaan mesia...linduuuu...wawawawawaaaaa
petang22 makan coleh malas kat bawah pokok sesambil hirup udara ptg....prehhhhh licinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn colek malah

Neeza Shahril said...


ooo.. haah ye.. selamat dapat menantu..
cuti sekolah ni ramai orang kawin kan..



surprisingly, some malay percaya jugak Cath..
the people yang host the wedding tu ramai tak pergi funeral tu..
well, like you, Neeza pun tak percaya semua tu... sebab 2 benda tu takde kaitan kan..



lawaaaaa sangat... hehee..
Tiey bilo nok kelik kampung nih??

Anonymous said...

huhu akak bz ke sane ke sini... mesti pnt kan... tapi hepi... :)

>> itu la warne hidup kite... masa kite ngah bergembire... pasti jua ada yg menangis... <<

l i e y n said...

a wedding and a funeral...happy and sad....