Sunday, August 24, 2008

Brillante award by Ummi

Another award given by Ummi, an adorable smart lady from KL. Yes, you're correct dear. I've received this award before but I didn't receive so many awards as you claimed hehee..

Thanks and thanks a million to you. About the rules, is it okay if I discard them since I've did that once before ;). Aci lah ye... Ok considered agreed! heheee.. Thanks Ummi :)

Congrats to me for another award - it reminds me of the promise to exhibit all awards received. Waduh waduh!! bila la ummi (myself) malas ni nak buat ye :P

1 sugar & spice:

Tie said...

Anak itu satu anugerah dari Allah. Anak merupakan penawar dan mutiara hati..Kerana itu kita patut bersyukur akan kehadiran mereka dan memnghargai pemberian ilahi ini.