Thursday, August 21, 2008

Updates on family matter

Nothing much to write today. I was thinking of jotting a few updates on my family - here in Al Jub@il, just in case my family in M'sia is wondering :).


He is still having runny nose and coughing once in a while. I guess it's the weather change. Last night, when we were outside, the humidity was very high. I could feel the sweat all over my body as soon as I was out from the house. Alhamdulillah, he's got no fever. Also, I'm thankful that I can still see his smiling face and restless acts most of the time - telling me he's ok!.

Sophea (Kakak)

It seems that she ate quite a lot lately. However, she only took plain rice, fried egg and sweet soy sauce. She refused other than that especially vege ;). Actually it was so hard for me to ask my 2 daughters to have a heavy meal as they're alerady fulled with tit bits like biscuits, bread and chocolates. By the way, I was so flattered when Sophea told me the other night that she's happy having me accompany her in the tv room. She felt 'tak best' when I had to sleep early - I had to cuddle the little one to sleep actually and end up zzzzzzz myself ;)

Sobhan (Coan)

The last 2 weeks, she used to eat a lot (heavy meal) but not anymore. I remember Abang telling how he was proud of Coan for eating a lot, unlike Kakak (during that time, Kakak ate a little). Things were switched, I guess. Kakak ate a lot and Coan didn't. Of course Coan took things like bread and biscuits. Perhaps she was also fulled with fresh milk and other sorts of milk (chocolate & strawberry) that she drank.

These two (Kakak and Coan) had been staying up late for the past few days. Last 2 days, they slept at 1.00am! They were playing with things in the room - toys, stationeries and books!. They like to act with so many characters, changing from one to another. I don't really like this actually since they woke up very late too. It's quite okay now as it is still a school holiday. In a week, they will start their schooling period. It seems that some kind of 'force' needs to take place soon. Someone (me or Abang) has to stay in the room and make sure they sleep tight before 10.00pm.


He is busy as usual - working 6 days in a week since the plant hasn't start up yet. That means, he only has 1 day leave in a week. That also means, if I wanna go somewhere, outside Al Jubail for example, that will be the day. This week, he has to work on Friday instead of Thursday. I've got plan but we'll see if it'll be materialized ;). Abang's new tasks in the house - ironing clothes and bathing Shahmey in the evening (I was the one who bathe Shahmey in the morning). I'm not bullying taking advantage of my husband okay... He's helping me since I'm easily get tired lately. Thanks Abang for having to understanding me :).


I'm getting 'fatter' - easily get tired but still manage to do simple housechores like cooking and washing clothes (the machine does it actually :P). The house is really in a mess and will only be tidied up when guest are coming (oopps!! pecah rahsia hehee..). My cooking mood is also up and down. Sometimes, I was so anxious to cook, sometimes I don't. Alhamdulillah, Abang is okay with that. He's not fussy with this one. Nowadays, I (with Shahmey) always went to sleep after Zuhur and woke up before Asar and sometimes slightly after the Azan ;)

That's about it. By the way, below is the thing I made yesterday. That was my first time making this. It burn a bit at the side and underneath though. Practice makes perfect. Yes, I'll never give up, Insyaallah...

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Ummi said...

"fatter" huh? :)

rajinnya masak kek gulan hangus tu..

OndeOnde said...

Tak apa "fatter" tapi still comey ;-)

p/s: baru pikir nak buat cake gula hangus ni! Ja buak doh tu - wak maghi la sikit :D

Neeza Shahril said...

Kak Ummi,

yupp.. fatter and will be fatter some more hehee..

teringat nak makan kak ummi, jadi kena buat sebab nak beli takde jual huhuuuu...


Kak Wani,

Kak Wani, lagu mano comey kalu doh fat tu gakkk..
Kak Wani ngango mulut, Ja suap deh.. hehee.. :)

as said...

kata hangit kek gula hangus tu...menarik jer nengok.color mengancam betul.mesti sedap kan :) nyum2...hehe

Kak Elle said...

kek gula hangus - hangus ye?takpe cuba lagi ye:)

Jie said...

rajin sungguh dia..

erk...mesin lipat kain tu dah jumpa ke belum?

maklang said...

alhamdulillah all are well...take care!

ADleez said...

kak neeza...
thanx 4 da cake ...yum2 sdp sungguh...lame x mkn...lps rindu..nnt nak try buat jgak...hhihiii

Abahnajwa said...

Neeza besanku

Ain gelak kuat bila baca part Neeza punya N3..

Diapun rasa agak2 rendang dah sekarang ni..kikiki..

Kerjapun dah rasa cam tak abis2..bila tetamu datang..camlipas kudung terus..kikiki (samalah korang sebesan camtu ya..)

Dia kim salam rindu kat Neeza..

l i e y n said...

tired easily??? nape k neeza?shahmey nk dpt adik ke?

zino said...

satu keluarga bahagia...

Cat Cat said...

Cath pun kekadang malas nak masak.. Tapau kat luar aje, senang cerita... tapi tapau2 ni yang leceh... Mahal sangat... Chinese take-out, sekali order mau $14-$15...

Neeza Shahril said...


hangit sikit.. gambar tu dah dibuang yang hangitnyee hehehe..
tak tahu lah rasa.. nanti akak buat lagi bagi as rasa ye :)


Kak elle,

haah la kak elle.. hehee..


Kak Jie,

kalau ada mesin lipat baju, mesti neeza kumpul duit nak beli :P

Neeza Shahril said...


thank you :)



kalau ikutkan senang je liza, tapi akak yang semua benda first timer ni, kena usaha lebih sikit hehe..



salam besan..

cayalah Ain.. gimme five!! hehee..

kim salam sayang dan rindu dengan Ain besan neeza tu ye :)

Neeza Shahril said...


ehemmm... ;)






amboi!! mahal tu Cath.. baik masak kan.. :)

arsaili said... ne hidup di rantauan? puasa nak dekat dah ..sob sob sob

Neeza Shahril said...


cam ni laaa.. sedih je sebab jauh dari rumah sendiri kan.. :(