Saturday, November 29, 2008

Updates on us..

I don't know what to write today. Perhaps jotting an update on our little family would be a good entry for today since this blog is like a public diary to me :). Let me begin the updates on us from the youngest to the oldest ;).


Banyak updates on him tapi let it be in his blog. One thing I wanna write in my blog is, I'm so jealous when he always utters "Bibik.. bibik..". The helper has been with us for only about a month but he could say Bibik (very clear) already. I am with him for more than a year and 6 months and only recently that he utters "Mmi.. mmi.." (bukan Ummi pun uhukkk!!). I'm really envy! Only the good thing is, he always prefer me than anyone else :). Yes, that makes me such a proud mother ;).

Sobhan (Coan)

She's not feeling well starting from last Thursday. Her body felt warm and heaty. But, it was only at night (demam malam I think). She complained of headache and asked me to massage her forehead. While we were climbing up the stairs yesterday evening, she told me, "Ummi.. nanti tolong picit kaki Coan ya. Kaki Coan rasa gedar la..". I asked her "Gedar? apa tu?". Then she said "Gedar la..". My husband and I giggled as we really have no idea of what gedar actually means. By the way, this girl likes a create a new vocabulary :).

Sophea (Kakak)

After an almost every hour of nagging by Ummi and Abah, at last, she managed to complete her English workbook, a 90 pages of spelling exercises given by her teacher. It has to be completed and submitted before the winter break which will be on 5th December 2008. It wasn't that difficult (though there were times that I myself don't know what the questions required her to do) but she kept delaying the workbook. Yesterday, she completed it and today and the rest of 4 days more, she can enjoy watching her favorite channel or playing computer games, provided she doesn't have any other homework to be done :).

Neeza (the Ummi)

I've started my school vacation today! I'm gonna miss all the lovely teachers until 13th December 2008. Feels a bit weird actually since for the last whole month, I was not in the house during this time. Shahmey is sleeping at the moment and I'm in front of my laptop - checking and replying emails and also visiting blogger friends. Not to mention, updating my own blog :). Today's cooking? Well, I have some leftovers from yesterday night's kenduri doa selamat at Mr President's house. Reheating is the best thing to do. Perhaps, I'll add something to my own sambal ikan bilis leftover. Petai perhaps! yummy...

Abang (the Abah)

He's eagerly and busily preparing himself for the fifth pillar of Islam. He has finished the 5 day course (evening only) organized by the Da'wah Centre. I can't join him this time for a reason - I'm not fit for it yet!. He talks about it a lot and me, I just had to kinda ignore him since I'm actually sad. If I give comment or opinion about it further, I may end up crying since I know he'll be away for more than a day. After a year plus, this will be the first time we are gonna be temporarily separated. But, I have to accept the fact that he'll be away for a huge responsibility. I pray to Him for his safety and happiness. Also, I pray that he manage to complete his ibadah successfully. Ameen...

That's about it for today. By the way, this message is meant for you Abang. Thanks for the little something you bought me on the 27th Dec 2008. It'll surely save my eyes ;). I really appreciate it :).

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Tie said...

Salam neeza. Thanks kerana dtg komen tadi. Kak tie ketinggalan tak dtg sini. Kak tie ni tgh migrane so tak boleh nak fikir dan komen. Dtg sini hanya nak mengadu hu...nanti dah ok, boleh kepoh kat sini berjela2, ekk. Sorry laa.......

noniey alias said...

shahmey tu sebab bibik tu mudah skit dia nak sebut. tapi kalau saya pun memang jeles giler2.hehehe.

lawak ah coan tu. skrang ni dah tau lum gedar tu apa? saya pun tertanya2 gak nih.

moga kebahagiaan menjadi milik kak neeza sekeluarga. ameen..

Kak Elle said...

Selamat menunaikan the fifth poillar kepada boss kat sana ye.

Awal nya dah bagi hadiah December pun belum...hehe...27th Dec 2008 tu salah haribulan ke?

Kak Elle said...

sorry terlalu cepat keyboard ni...pillar typo error.

ummu asiah said...


bila agaknya tarikh tambah sorang lagi in d family..

Tahniah suami dapat tunaikan haji..kalau dari msia..tentu lambat dpt peluang n belanja mahal..elok neeza juga cari peluang dari sana...moga che abg dapat haji Mabrur..

eh..neeza ni bagi la tau apa bendanya hadiah tu..dah dua kali hint tak dpt teka lagi ni..

Neeza Shahril said...

Kak Tie,

kesiannya.. neeza kalau kena migraine meman kena tidur. nak membaca pun tak boleh sebab mata berpinar..
makan ubat ya Kak Tie..
banyakkan rehat.. :)



tu la pasal... syahdu sungguh kalau tengok dia sebut bibik..

tak tahu lagi gedar tu apa. Dia nak explain pun tak reti..
lenguh agaknya.. sebab bila lenguh rasa bergedar gedar hahaha!!!

thanks noniey :)


Kak Elle,

hahaha!! silap tu.. 28 November patutnya.. hehee.. advance sungguh neeza ni..


Kak N....,

Tarikh tu Insyaallah early next year kak.. tak lama dah tu kan :)

betul tu kak. sementara ada peluang kat sini, ambil kesempatan buat terus. Kalau tunggu kat malaysia, que panjang.. pas tu kena ambik cuti lama lagi... Insyaallah kak.. :)

hehe.. benda biasa-biasa aje kak... tapi ia jadi special sebab che' abang yang bagi kan.. (tak payah beli sendiri hehee..)

silversarina said...


Pandai Syahmey sebut bibik dan mmii ...kira oklah tu ada jugak bunyi mmiii.

Selamat menunaikan ibadah haji buat abang/abah . Semoga beroleh haji mabrur InsyaAllah. Neeza InsyaAllah ada peluang di lain tahun.

Kak Elle said...

neeza nak tau jugak apa special present tu?...tak bolih tido ni...hehe

zany said...

rezeki tu dapat buat haji dengan cepat bila dah dekatkan. kawan saya yang baru ke egypt pun buat haji tahun ni, bertuah sungguh. moga dapat haji mabrur untuk suami neeza.

maza said...

uiks.....update ttg kengkawan ker.....hehehhe

erk! secara nakalnya, maza tak kawan ker?


by maza

Neeza Shahril said...

Kak Rina,

thanks for the doa kak Rina :)
Insyaallah, semoga neeza dapat menyusul nanti..


Kak Elle,

biasa je bendanya kak elle.. semua orang ada kot ;).. - it meant for the eyes (hint)


Kak Zany,

Semoga tercapat hasrat dia untuk tunaikan haji tahun ni kak Zany..
thanks ye :)



update tentang family je..
boleh je nak kawan.. :)

Raihah Rosli said...

Coan mmg comey! Suke bace cerite ttg keletah die :)

as said...

akak,roy kabo maybe coan nak cakap ketar/terketar..tapi tak tahu,jadi gedar...heheh..gelak dia baca 'gedar'...coan coan...ada jer bahasa baru :P

Neeza Shahril said...


paling penat melayan kerenah manja dia.. :)



mungkin jugak tapi heran, camana kaki boleh ketar..
macam orang tua pulak kan hahaha!!

Nadia Yuna said...

seronoknya dah ade family =)